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    Introducing: M1C4A3L


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    Introducing: M1C4A3L Empty Introducing: M1C4A3L

    Post  M1C4A3L on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:44 pm

    Hi, I'm Mike, TalkCento's creator. I drive a 2002 plate Fiat Seicento Sporting, in black...and to be honest..I love it!

    I have the following mods so far..

    -Rear Abarth spoiler
    -Tinted rear lights
    -K&N Induction Kit

    I will be lowering it, adding better wheels, tinting the windows, and getting a bigger exhaust. I'll keep people posted as I work on it!

    Introducing: M1C4A3L Seicen11

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