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    Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement


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    Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement

    Post  ShadowSei on Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:46 pm

    Shocked Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement Shocked

    I had never fixed anything in a cinq before, so this was all very daunting for me taking on this job, it was the first job I had to do on it and it was probably a rude awakening to Cinq ownership!!

    After I found water dripping off the bottom of the oil filter end of the engine, I removed the various covers and it was apparent the water pump was leaking, the following pic shows as a rusty stain, where the leak was, shown by an arrow.

    You may notice that in the above pic, the alternator pulley is back on, that's because the leak was only evident with engine running, and the 1108 sporting engine wont run without the pulley as it runs the timing sensor, therefore it was temporarily refitted while the engine warmed and so that the leak could be traced.

    Remove the top and bottom cam belt covers, you will need to take off the drivers side front wheel and arch liner. I found removing the water header tank out of the way made a massive difference to access, overall the job was far easier than I anticipated.

    You will need to remove the bottom alternator drive belt pulley, to get the lower cam belt cover off, using a 16mm spanner undo the alternator nuts to allow it to move forward, it looks tricky but is actually quite easy. Remove the belt, followed by the pulley.

    Off we go then with removing the cam belt, top sprocket was lined up with the line on the cam belt and the line on the sprocket, facing the timing mark indentation on the head

    The bottom pulley was out of line by about 1 or 2 teeth on my engine, so that was made up for when reassembled.

    The old pump came out quite easy, after undoing the 4 x 10mm nuts on the pump I just put a bar in down by the exhaust manifold to the water pump lip where it protrudes from the block slightly, gave it a knock and then eased it out by working under the front arch.

    This is where it came from... face was cleaned up nice ready for new pump to go in

    New pump, with supplied Locktite sealant added ( if its not there you will need some!)

    Pump now in place and bolts nipped up, I gave then 45 mins before nipping them a bit tighter, I have found this gives a better seal looking back on other jobs I have done using gasket sealant

    I reused the belt that came off, as it wasn't very old and the timing marks were still very clear, however now is the best time to replace the belt, so take note!!

    I Placed the belt back on the top cam pulley, lined up the line on the belt with the pulley, placed some duck tape on top to stop the belt falling off, threaded belt round water pump pulley, then the tensioner, then lined up the bottom pulley to the line on the belt.Here we see me using a small crow bar to wedge the tensioner to get the belt tight, I then nipped up the nut with the spanner from above. Removed the tape then turned engine by hand 3 turns and all was well, job done!! Tightened tensioner nut fully. (always go to manufacturer specs)

    All that was left to do then, was put cam belt covers back on, the lower one was possibly the hardest part of the whole job, followed by water tank back in place and plumbed in, fill with water and antifreeze.
    Alternator drive belt back on to pulley then pulley bolted back up, alternator tightened back up, then I run engine - all fine!! Putting the arch liner back in was a swine. Overall, replacing the water pump was an easier job than it looks, getting the cam belt tight was easier than I thought too, moving the header tank out of the way made a big difference, recommended.

    Diffuculty Rating: ★★★★☆

    Thanks to levemircento for this guide - see his site at: http://www.levemircento.2ya.com/

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    Re: Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement

    Post  levemircento on Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:06 pm

    thanks for copying my guide from FF !! Evil or Very Mad I will let you off this time!!


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    Re: Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement

    Post  M1C4A3L on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:05 pm

    levemircento wrote:thanks for copying my guide from FF !! Evil or Very Mad I will let you off this time!!

    It just shows how good your guides are Smile plus, it's silly re-writing a guide that is already there to be 'copied'. ShadowSei, please edit this post and link to his website Smile in future, any guides not done by yourself, please give details to who produced it.


    TalkCento Admin

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    Post  ShadowSei on Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:03 am

    I only added it on here only cause you had no posts or guides on here. whats it going to look like if you get a new member looking for help on the cinq guides i didn't mean no harm in it. never claimed it as my own or anything dust added to it (difficulty rating, as that is a thing to do over the weekend id say?)

    Whats the point re-writing all that if you'd all ready done it for forum. No copywrite laws on it, appreciate your hard work and the time you spent putting that guide together but, if its there people are going to pikey it for free.

    from now on i will stay out of the cinq side of the forum and leave it for you


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    Re: Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement

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