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    Live cable into Seicento


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    Live cable into Seicento Empty Live cable into Seicento

    Post  M1C4A3L on Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:47 pm

    I forgot to take pictures....but I thought I would just add a description of how to get your live cable for your amp/sub from the battery, into the boot of your Seicento!

    If you look under the driver's footwell, there is a gromit (you will have to get your head under the footwell, near the pedals, and use a torch!). Take this gromit off, and you can see right into the engine-bay. What I did, was leave my torch switched on from inside the car, shining into the engine bay through this hole..This way, when I looked into the engine bay from outside of the car (looking at the engine), I could see easily where the hole was! The hole (from looking at the engine angle) can be found slightly lower than where the battery is situated.

    You should make a hole big enough in this gromit (using a stanley blade, or flat headed screw driver) to fit the live cable through. Once the hole is made:

    Keeping the Live Cable's Fuse in the engine bay, feed the other end of the Live cable through this hole and fix the gromit back into place. There are then 2 screws (POZI head screws - Philips) holding down a plastic panel on the right hand side of the drivers footwell. Remove these screws, and keep them safe somewhere! There is then 1 screw holding down the sill plastic cover (at the bottom of the driver's seatbelt). Undo this screw, and again keep it safe. The plastic sill cover then literally unclips (pull it gently). You can then slide down the panel near the footwell, and remove it. Tuck in the live cable under the carpet in the driver's footwell and run the cable under the clips that hold the plastic sill cover down. You will then need to run the cable under the rear passenger seats, and into the boot! Replace the sill cover first, and then the footwell cover. Easy!

    For the RCA leads and remote cable, just do the same on the passengers side. Simple.

    If you ruin the gromit, just fill the hole with waterproof silicone to stop water coming in!

    I grounded my amp under a nut that is holding the rear seats on..I'm sure there are probably better places, but this works Razz

    I did this on my 1.1 Seicento Sporting, I'm sure it will be the same on the 900cc's


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